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Project CVS Usage

After a long time of inactivity I restarted this project now, first introducing the new build environment, that is useable for own projects too. The main CVS software group is ASKSoftware, while the build environment lives at ASKSoftware/MakeSystem using the shell lines:

WHERE="basic_patterns"; \
/cvsroot/thewindow"; \
cvs -d"$ROOT" login &&\
cvs -z3 -d"$ROOT" co -d"$WHERE" -P ASKSoftware/MakeSystem
telling cvs to check-out the module to the subdirectory "basic_patterns".

Next Step

Next time I will introduce a simple package builder and a CVS toolset to manage a package in two repositories, which is quite usefull to have a local repository and a remote on at sourceforge or where ever.

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